Climbing at the Gunks!

We were really lucky that we were able to drive up to NY Thursday so that we could climb Friday before the weekend crowds showed up.

We got on some classic lines that are usually very crowded.

No sport climbing here though, its all trad! There’s always lots of gear management, so most people tend to climb a little slower.


The views here are just stunning! It was pretty hot in the sun, but lucky for me, Jack set up the anchors at trees!




And of course after a hard day of climbing, we headed back to Bacchus!

I had mentioned to the waiter the previous night how I would love to have the St Bernardus Christmas Ale the next night since they had it in stock, and so as soon as we sat down he brought it over! We split the St Bernardus Christmas Ale by Brouwerij St Bernardus of Watou, Belgium at 10% abv.


I love Christmas in July!


So rich and decadent. Its amazing that it really makes you feel warm and cozy even in the heat of July! Dark fruits, candied sugar, brown sugar, caramel, spices, Belgian yeast. Fairly high carbonation, easy drinking. Such a treat!

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