A PA Weekend

The last weekend of July, my parents were having a family reunion at their cabin up on Tionesta, PA.

We drove to Johnstown Thursday night since it was the half way point. Lucky for us we also got to go to the saloon and see all of our Johnstown friends!

You cant imagine how happy I was when I realized it was Christmas in July at the South Side Saloon!

I got the Gouden Carolus Christmas on draught, by Brouwerij Het Anker of Mechelen, Belgium at 10% abv.


(Frank couldn’t be in the girls’ photo)

The next day, Jack and I finished the drive up to Tionesta, PA. Got a picture with my two cousins, Brad and Doug.


Of course a weekend at the cabin wouldn’t be complete without shooting lots and lots of guns!


We started with handguns, then proceeded with shotguns, and then rifles.


A thoroughly enjoyable PA weekend. I’d like to also thank my sister Kaitlyn for introducing us all to primal scream therapy.

Two in One

I just have so many random pictures of beers. Like I mentioned before I desperately need to catch up with the blog. So I’m gonna throw a few of these random ones together.

Jack and I split a Tanilla Porter by Knee Deep Brewing Company of Lincoln, CA at 6.3% abv.


The flavors became more pronounced after the beer had warmed after being out of the fridge for a bit. The vanilla, which tasted very faint started to show through a bit more. Also coffee, dark chocolate, and charred roasted malts. Nice balance.

On a date night to Eat Bar, I ordered the Flying Mouflan by Troegs Brewing Company of Hershey, PA at 9.3% abv.


A hoppier beer than I expected. Poured deliciously dark, but a rather strong floral hop presence. Brown and candied sugar, semi-sweet chocolate and hints of raisins. Very good with the eclectic dinner options as well.

Colonial Beach Triathlon Race Recap

DISCLAIMER: I have been lazy. I have a tons of posts to catch up on before I even get to my awesome Belgium trip. So, the only way this is going to happen is if its mostly pictures. Pictures I can handle. So sorry about explanations. Ill also be doing this rapid fire and posting everyday till I can get caught up. Bear with me, Belgian beer overload is on its way!


Well, the weather the day before the Colonial Beach Triathlon was looking kinda iffy. It poured for a few hours straight. But by the next morning, the roads were dry and it looked like we were gonna have a good tri. Also, our friend Anna was there as well!

Check out my sweet set-up. Its pretty simple, the less you have to do the faster your transitions are. I’m a no socks person. (only for triathlons)


Bike was uneventful, fairly flat though!


Just out of transition, putting my Garmin and race number on.


Anna finishing strong! She’s a marathoner, so this 6 mile run was probably just a warm-up for her. She destroyed it! Lightening fast!


And about 20 minutes later, me!


I look like I’m having so much fun, right?? I do love triathlons, but I never take a good picture in them. I just look like I’m in pain. I did beat my previous Olympic tri time by 10 minutes! Holy cow!

Ok, now on to some beers!

Visiting Liz at the Pub

Turns out that visiting Liz at Union Pub, in downtown DC, was actually quite an adventure.

When we walked in, we were accidentally told that Liz wasn’t working that night, so we left and right before we walked into another restaurant, she texted us back to let us know there had been a mistake. So we drove back across DC to see Liz. We weren’t in a hurry, and happy to get to see Liz, so the whole thing was kinda funny.

Anyway, I got an Orval by Brasserie d’Orval of Villers-devant, Belgium at 6.9% abv.


Orval only makes one beer, a Belgian pale ale, not three, like most other Trappist breweries. But its quite good. Pours dark gold, almost copper color. Lightly biscuity, citrus, a pleasant taste of hay, cloves, and caramel.


Union Pub also has a huge basket of mini corndogs!! I love corndogs!

I also love seeing Liz, thanks Liz!

Beers with the Bride-to-Be

I’m kinda crazy and randomly made the three hour drive home to Johnstown for one night to hang out and catch up with my friend Lisa who is in the process of planning her wedding in which I will be a bridesmaid!

So of course we met up at Tulune’s South Side Saloon for some beers!


I started off with a Unibroue Chambly Noire by Unibroue of Quebec, Canada at 6.2% abv.


It was lighter than I remembered, vanilla, molassas, dark and fruity, yeasty bread, lightly peppery, and slightly tart.

Next, I had to try it because it came in a can, but looked half decent. Monk’s Blood by 21st Amendment Brewery out of San Francisco, CA at 8.3% abv.


It came from a can but was better than expected! A bit more hops than a traditional Belgian Strong Dark Ale would have. Its also a bit phenolic, sugary raising, medium mouthfeel. Not bad.


We were finally joined by Cindy and the boys! Cheers!

My Dad’s Maple Wheat Homebrew

Earlier this summer, my Dad and his friend Randy got together and brewed another batch of beer! This time they brewed a Maple Wheat beer.

I saw Rogue put out a bacon maple beer this past year and never got to try it (only because it wasn’t available here in VA,) so I was intrigued by their Maple Wheat and excited to give it a taste!

He gave me two bottles and also a warning that it was about 7% abv. Jack and I split one and kept the other one tucked away in the back of the fridge for now.


Quite the unassuming bottle, but I love the swing tops they managed to round up for bottling!


Poured a beautiful, slightly hazy apricot, with an off white head. Very inviting!


Delicate, and not overwhelming. Full bodied beer with a very good balance between the hops, maple and malt flavors. The beer is much more subtle than my father has ever been. Haha!

I am really impressed that they brewed such a unique and drinkable beer. How glad I am one more is still waiting for me!

Just One

On a random Tuesday night we decided to go out for a date to a Belgian restaurant, Sur La Place.

There are two reasons why I love this place, 1) they have awesome beers and 2) blood sausage! More places should offer blood sausage or black pudding!

I got just one beer with dinner, the Petrus Oud Bruin by Brouwerij Bavik of Harelbeke-Bavikhove, Belgium at 5.5% abv.


A sour Flanders beer. Slight hints of cherries, almost earthy. Apples, vinegar, and crisp. I love this style, so refreshing.