More Gunks Climbing and Beers

Day two of climbing at the Gunks we ran into our friends from the climbing gym that were also up there for the weekend! So we made plans to meet up for dinner!

The weather was beautiful and it was picture perfect!


Jack is like a mountain goat, I still get a little concerned seeing him so close to the edge. (Yes, he is still connected to the rope)


After working up an appetite, we all met up at The Gilded Otter in town.

I started off by ordering the Stone House Cream Stout brewed on site by The Gilded Otter at 6.2% abv.


Very heavy on the coffee flavor, more so than I expected. Iā€™m not much of a coffee drinker so stouts that overwhelm with coffee are not really my style. Bittersweet chocolate, slight caramel. But thin tasting and not very much like a cream stout to me.

Next I went with the Hefeweizen at 5% abv.


I actually really enjoyed this beer! It was such a hot day out in the sun that it just tasted to refreshing! Very citrusy, orange peels and light fruit esters, and clean tasting. Its like juice for adults! I couldnā€™t believe it had any alcohol in it!

And cheers to Ryan! He just started climbing trad and was killing it! I was also eyeing up his beer sampler, I think that was the right way to go!

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