Dinner and Beers

Jack is so very southern, he loves to cook dinners drenched in butter and loves to entertain. Once again we had Liz, Ryan, and Parrish over for dinner!

So I broke out the big bottle of Chimay Grande Reserve brewed by Bieres de Chimay of Baileux, Belgium at 9% abv.


We all grabbed some tasting glasses and soon the beer was gone!

I do love Chimay. This was the beer that I was first introduced to when I was just beginning my beer journey and it was love at first sip. There was no turning back.

Toasted malty sweetness, biscuits, raisins, plums, caramelized sugar. The very distinct Belgian yeastiness, and warming when you get to the alcohol. Lightly boozy, but not overwhelming. I feel like I hardly drink Chimay Blue anymore because I’ve just had so much of it, but always a delicious choice.

And Ryan brought over a couple of six packs to share! I grabbed one of the New Belgium Belgo Belgian IPA by New Belgium Brewing out of Fort Collins, CO at 7% abv.


A bit citrusy, lemons and grapefruit, and definitely more hoppy than most Belgian beers. Very crisp but with a smooth finish.

I wish we could have dinner guests every night!

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