Dinner with the Parents

I got to choose where we met up for dinner and I chose my favorite restaurant in Old Town Alexandria, the Bilbo Baggins.


I love this place! They have cool Hobbit themed murals upstairs, stained glass windows, and heavy wooden tables. Oh and of course a fantastic beer menu!

We were in no hurry so we had a round of beers before we even ordered appetizers. I started off with a pretty hefty beer, I got the Blithering Idiot by Weyerbacher Brewing Co of Easton, PA at 11.10% abv.


With that kind of alcohol content I can see that its aptly named. I’ve been very pleased with the Weyerbacher selections I’ve had so far this year, so I decided to keep going and work my way through their offerings.

Sweet and boozy, caramel and butterscotch. Wow, the alcohol really hits you. Full bodied and thick, almost viscous. Better as it warms. But a very over-the-top beer.


And then we had appetizers and dinner! LAMB! In my mind, beers and lamb is just heaven!


The next beer I got was the Nostradamus by Brasserie Caracole of Falmignoul, Belgium at 9% abv.


I got this beer because I don’t think I’ve ever had anything by that brewery before!

Fairly high carbonation makes for a tingly mouthfeel. Subtle and complex, cherries and caramel, bready yeast and warming alcohol. The alcohol is a bit more subtle and blends in well.

Hi parents!


And honestly, how could I end my night without a Duchess de Bourgogne? (of Brouwerij Verhaeghe of Vichte, Belgium at 6% abv)


So, so good I just cant say no when I see it on the menu! Tastes like sour apple vinegar in the very best way. I know that doesn’t sound like the tastiest description, but trust me, it fantastic. Well carbonated, cherries and slightly acidic. Tart and crisp.

My parents let me choose their beers all night, and I hope they were as happy with their picks and I was with mine!

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