My Dad’s Maple Wheat Homebrew

Earlier this summer, my Dad and his friend Randy got together and brewed another batch of beer! This time they brewed a Maple Wheat beer.

I saw Rogue put out a bacon maple beer this past year and never got to try it (only because it wasn’t available here in VA,) so I was intrigued by their Maple Wheat and excited to give it a taste!

He gave me two bottles and also a warning that it was about 7% abv. Jack and I split one and kept the other one tucked away in the back of the fridge for now.


Quite the unassuming bottle, but I love the swing tops they managed to round up for bottling!


Poured a beautiful, slightly hazy apricot, with an off white head. Very inviting!


Delicate, and not overwhelming. Full bodied beer with a very good balance between the hops, maple and malt flavors. The beer is much more subtle than my father has ever been. Haha!

I am really impressed that they brewed such a unique and drinkable beer. How glad I am one more is still waiting for me!

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