Visiting Liz at the Pub

Turns out that visiting Liz at Union Pub, in downtown DC, was actually quite an adventure.

When we walked in, we were accidentally told that Liz wasn’t working that night, so we left and right before we walked into another restaurant, she texted us back to let us know there had been a mistake. So we drove back across DC to see Liz. We weren’t in a hurry, and happy to get to see Liz, so the whole thing was kinda funny.

Anyway, I got an Orval by Brasserie d’Orval of Villers-devant, Belgium at 6.9% abv.


Orval only makes one beer, a Belgian pale ale, not three, like most other Trappist breweries. But its quite good. Pours dark gold, almost copper color. Lightly biscuity, citrus, a pleasant taste of hay, cloves, and caramel.


Union Pub also has a huge basket of mini corndogs!! I love corndogs!

I also love seeing Liz, thanks Liz!

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