Colonial Beach Triathlon Race Recap

DISCLAIMER: I have been lazy. I have a tons of posts to catch up on before I even get to my awesome Belgium trip. So, the only way this is going to happen is if its mostly pictures. Pictures I can handle. So sorry about explanations. Ill also be doing this rapid fire and posting everyday till I can get caught up. Bear with me, Belgian beer overload is on its way!


Well, the weather the day before the Colonial Beach Triathlon was looking kinda iffy. It poured for a few hours straight. But by the next morning, the roads were dry and it looked like we were gonna have a good tri. Also, our friend Anna was there as well!

Check out my sweet set-up. Its pretty simple, the less you have to do the faster your transitions are. I’m a no socks person. (only for triathlons)


Bike was uneventful, fairly flat though!


Just out of transition, putting my Garmin and race number on.


Anna finishing strong! She’s a marathoner, so this 6 mile run was probably just a warm-up for her. She destroyed it! Lightening fast!


And about 20 minutes later, me!


I look like I’m having so much fun, right?? I do love triathlons, but I never take a good picture in them. I just look like I’m in pain. I did beat my previous Olympic tri time by 10 minutes! Holy cow!

Ok, now on to some beers!

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