Two in One

I just have so many random pictures of beers. Like I mentioned before I desperately need to catch up with the blog. So I’m gonna throw a few of these random ones together.

Jack and I split a Tanilla Porter by Knee Deep Brewing Company of Lincoln, CA at 6.3% abv.


The flavors became more pronounced after the beer had warmed after being out of the fridge for a bit. The vanilla, which tasted very faint started to show through a bit more. Also coffee, dark chocolate, and charred roasted malts. Nice balance.

On a date night to Eat Bar, I ordered the Flying Mouflan by Troegs Brewing Company of Hershey, PA at 9.3% abv.


A hoppier beer than I expected. Poured deliciously dark, but a rather strong floral hop presence. Brown and candied sugar, semi-sweet chocolate and hints of raisins. Very good with the eclectic dinner options as well.

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