A PA Weekend

The last weekend of July, my parents were having a family reunion at their cabin up on Tionesta, PA.

We drove to Johnstown Thursday night since it was the half way point. Lucky for us we also got to go to the saloon and see all of our Johnstown friends!

You cant imagine how happy I was when I realized it was Christmas in July at the South Side Saloon!

I got the Gouden Carolus Christmas on draught, by Brouwerij Het Anker of Mechelen, Belgium at 10% abv.


(Frank couldn’t be in the girls’ photo)

The next day, Jack and I finished the drive up to Tionesta, PA. Got a picture with my two cousins, Brad and Doug.


Of course a weekend at the cabin wouldn’t be complete without shooting lots and lots of guns!


We started with handguns, then proceeded with shotguns, and then rifles.


A thoroughly enjoyable PA weekend. I’d like to also thank my sister Kaitlyn for introducing us all to primal scream therapy.

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