Arriving in Bruges

Our time in Poelkapelle came to an end, we regretfully said goodbye and took the train north to Bruges. We were a little put off at first because coming from the countryside to a city packed with tourists was overwhelming. But first we made it to our hotel, Hotel Ter Reien.


We picked this place because it was perfectly situated on the canals!


Our room was very tiny! And the bathroom was more like a bathroom you would find on a boat. Toilet/ sink/ shower all contained in the same area and meant to get wet. It was the smallest shower I’ve ever been in. After throwing out stuff down, and a quick change, we went out to explore the city!


We had four days planned for Bruges but we got started right away with a boat ride of the canals. Props to the boat guide for doing it in four languages seamlessly.


We got a beautiful view of the buildings and architecture, and some interesting stories to go along with it. Everything was just so old! People casually mentioned buildings built in 1500-1660s, and those buildings are still used and lived in!


I cant imagine the upkeep, I also cant understand how they all don’t have flooded basements and soggy foundations.


Afterwards, we meandered through the city on foot and began to learn our way around.


For dinner, we did have a specific destination in mind, ‘t Bruges Beertje (The Bruges Bear) It’s a very well known beer bar, with a fantastic selection.


Such a good bar! Tiny and long. Even at this early hour, maybe 5:00 the bar was full. We managed to find a table in the back. I immediately began scanning their beer selection for something I’ve never had before. Of course they had the popular and well known beers, but I wanted to try a beer that I hadn’t seen in the states.

I began the evening with the Prearis Quadruple by De Proef Brouwerij of Lochristi-Hijfte, Belgium at 10% abv.


A very nice quadruple, dark fruits, molasses, a bit peppery, with a dry finish. I hope I get the chance to have this beer again someday!

Jack ordered the Basilius also by De Proef Brouwerij at 7% abv.


Lighter bodied for a dark beer, candied sugar, caramel, apples and pears, Belgian yeasty funk. Fantastic and easy to drink.

And I got a picture with Daisy, the owner! She really knows her beers!


The next two beers Jack and I both split since we wanted to sample more beers.

We got the Pannepot Reserva by DeStruise Brouwers of Oostvleteren, Belgium at 10% abv.


Quite an impressive beer, very complex and full of flavor. Raisins and plums, woody oak, hints of vanilla and molasses, medium body, low to medium carbonation. One of the best beers I’ve had in Belgium so far.

And we also got the Vichtenaar to split by Brouwerij Verhaeghe of Vichte, Belgium at 5.1% abv, We chose this beer because they also brew the Duchess de Burgogne, which I love.


The Vichtenaar  is also a Flanders Red, they must specialize in this style. Not quite as extreme as the Duchess, very drinkable. A sour ale, tart, lightly fruity, brown sugar, honey.

A little tipsy we made our way back to the hotel through the streets of Bruges. Bruges by night is breathtaking.


The reflections of the buildings in the water made it quite picturesque, especially now that the boats stopped running and the water was perfectly still.



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