Meandering Around Bruges

For our third day in Bruges, we decided to visit some of the classic tourist spots. After breakfast, we went to the Basilica of the Holy Blood.

The Basilica was built between 1134 to 1157. Thierry of Alsace, Count of Flanders is said to have brought back the blood of Christ which was collected by Joseph of Arimathea.


The upper chapel is where the relic of the holy blood is kept.


I had to get this stock photo of the relic from online since photos weren’t allowed. They also had in the museum all of the previous relic holders which ranged from small and somewhat plain to comically ornate.


The chapel below is dedicated to St. Basil the Great.


After leaving the wonderfully cool crypt, we went back to our hotel for a picnic lunch! We stopped by a few stores and put together a delicious lunch of sausage, warm baguette, cheese, fruit, and Gueuze!


We picked up the Oude Gueuze by Hanssens Artisnaal of Dworp, Belgium at 6% abv.

A nearly perfect Gueuze! Small champagne bubbles, tart acidic sourness, earthy, and not a hint of hops. So refreshing for lunch in the shade!

After lunch, we went to the Groeninge Museum in the heart of Bruges. It was blissfully air-conditioned!

And I got to tick one more thing off my to-do list! I finally saw a piece of art by Hieronymus Bosch, The Last Judgement, painted in 1482. It was wonderfully creepy! There is so much going on in this painting, I could have easily stared at it for hours!


After, we wandered the streets, and took in the city at dusk.


On the outskirts of town we found four windmills!


I believe they were originally built in 1770 and have been renovated and kept in working order.


Since they were a mile or more from the city center there were no crowds. It was really peaceful. The only other people we saw were the local residents having picnics or playing lawn games.

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