Het Anker Brewery Tour

The next morning we woke up, packed our bags, and were ready for our brewery tour! I thought this was one of the best brewery tours we went on because it was only the two of us and a guide! It was much more personal, no waiting in line and easy to see everything. The guide was amazing too, we spent a lot of time talking about every aspect of the brewing, the owner,  and the process.


I was impressed with the brew kettles. The owner still tries to use as much of the older equipment as possible. Ill tell you what, it was pretty hot in here. The high for the day was almost 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and with the beer being brewed it was steamy and hot in here.


Luckily when we were in here they were filtering the wort. I was amazed that the beer was exposed to the open air. All of these vertical segments were filters and when we came back through a little later we saw two guys hitting them against each other to knock the mash down into a trough below. It looked like a long process.



We also learned that Gouden Carolus has begun making whisky.They only started in the past year or so, at a different location, so no whisky was available to taste yet. I’m not big on liquor, but if I ever see it I’ll probably give it a try.


Ah, and then finally the tasting. We got a glass of the Ambrio and the Classic. After such a good tour, its always such a treat to finally taste the beer you have been thinking of non stop for the past hour or so.


We also decided to stay for lunch during which we got another beer, the Cuvee Van De Kaiser (Blue) at 11% abv.


I’m glad we had this beer with lunch, because it was pretty strong. Super delicious! Dark berries, very malty, almost a woodiness to it, with hints of butter, and candy sugar sweetness.


It went really well with the steak I got. We really took our time with this beer and savored it. This was the last brewery we got to visit, and we got a bit sad that afterward we had to leave and catch another train back to Brussels.

Although, once back in Brussels, we dropped off our bags to walk around the city one last time. We we staying in a different place than we had our first night there, so we got to see new sights as we walked back in to the heart of town.


Since it was our last night there, I had to get Belgian waffles one last time. So glorious!


And that’s it, the end of the Belgium trip. The next day we left and I can’t believe that we went to all the breweries that we did! I would go back in a heartbeat. Although, next time, we may need to visit the French half of Belgium and go to all of the other breweries that we couldn’t make it to during this trip!

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