Catch up

Where do I even begin? It’s December and I still have posts to catch up on from September. At this point, I’ll review pictures and notes, but I’m sure some beer info has been lost. I’ll do my best.

Back in September, Jack and I went down to Williamsburg for my last triathlon of the season, the Patriot’s Sprint Tri. My parents also met us there and we had a nice day or two at the beach before the tri. While in the ocean, I was jumping with the waves and came down with a wave and landed on a dead horseshoe crab. Those things are spiky! I tore up the bottom of one of my feet which was not ideal for the tri. During the tri I had to run across a beach, a field, and the transition area all barefoot. I also bike and run (only during sprint triathlons) without socks to save time, but my foot was not happy by the time I was done.

Although, we did go out for beers at The Green Leafe and beers made me feel much better!

Pouring over their beer menu, it looked like they offered a lot of beers but my first two requests were out of stock.


I think I finally went with something on draught. Unfortunately without a bottle to include in the picture, I have no way of remembering what I got. Bummer.


Not a bad bar, if I were in the area again, I would try to go back! And that was also the last of the triathlons of the year!

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