Liz’s Horse Show and Corn Maze

Late October, we drove up to Goucher College in Maryland to see Liz’s horse show!

I was pretty excited because I know Liz is awesome at riding horses and I’ve also never been to a horse show! I felt so preppy!


It was pretty cool, I tried to pay attention and watch all the riders, I felt that I learned something about a new sport!

It was interesting to watch all the riders and try to figure out who was good and who was bad. Sometimes it was obvious, and some of the things they judge are so subtle.


Liz rocked it!


In fact, she won first place! Told ya she was good!


Anyway, during the horse show I was looking up bars in the area trying to find something with a good selection. Not so much. I did find a bar that looked promising. It had 20 beers on tap. I figured that out of twenty beers, they might have something decent. At least a Dogfish Head? No. They had, I kid you not, five types of Bud, and multiple types or Miller and Michelob.

Obviously I do not look impressed. This was some kind of cider. Possibly Woodchuck? It was on draft so I didn’t get a bottle to photo, and promptly forgot.  Anyway, it was fall and went with the theme of the day.


Then we headed further into Maryland and went to an amazing corn maze!


And picked our own pumpkins!


Quite a good fall day. Minus the poor beer choices.

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