A Night Out With Kristen and Mark

Jack was once again out of town, so I went out with Kristen and Mark! Good thing I did because they took me to some new places!

Frist we went to Penn Social where I was not disappointed. They have a large chalkboard up with their beer offerings on tap. On the far right hand side of the chalkboard they have “Specialty Beers” with 10oz pours. Of course I got a specialty beer.

I started the night off with the Blue Point Sour Cherry by Blue Point Brewing Company of Patchogue, NY at 9.2% abv.

I ordered this beer not knowing what to expect, I asked the bartender if it was a lambic to try get any information on it, but the bartender didn’t even know what a lambic was. fail. But on the plus side, when I got the beer I was completely surprised! It turned out to be an Imperial Stout! With a name like that I would have never guessed!

Anyway, quite a beer. Thick and smooth, very light on the cherry but the sour and tartness shows through a bit more. Chocolate that mixes well with the hints of cherry. Roasted malts, coffee and dry finish. Wow, I would certainly order that again!


Later when we moved on to another bar for dinner, Mark, Kristen and I all split the Allagash Curieux by Allagash Brewing Company of Portland, Maine at 11% abv.


You can never go wrong with this beer. It’s a bourbon barrel aged triple and packs quite a punch. Not only in alcohol content but in taste!

Not overwhelming, but very delicate notes of citrus and honey, an earthy vanilla, mouthwatering, not at all dry. Oh yes, and bourbon! This makes a great bottle to split, it was the perfect amount to split three ways!


After dinner, we went to yet another bar, called Iron Horse. I really liked the décor in this bar! There were old school motorcycles everywhere! And they had a pretty good beer menu!

I scanned over the beer menu and my eye immediately caught the Petrus Oude Bruin, which I attempted to order. The bartender took a look at me and tried to warn me away from it and asked if I’ve had it before. I actually get this a lot. And I’m not offended by it, in fact, I take it as a somewhat of a compliment. Its always fun seeing the look of realization that crosses their face that I also know my beer. Anyway, the keg had just kicked and needed to be replaced but was not going to happen any time soon. Even though they were packed the bartender, who really knew his beer, took his time to point out a few good beers on the menu and even give me samples!

I sampled and ordered the DuClaw 31, a Munich Dunkel Lager, by DuClaw Brewing Company of Bel Air, MD at 5.1% abv.


If you know me, you know that German style beers and lagers are usually not my thing. Well this was awesome! It poured nice and dark, and tasted exactly like a tootsie roll! It wasn’t particularly thick and creamy, maybe a little allspice? Dark bread and caramel. Like drinking a tootsie roll. The unusual taste was very cool. I would certainly get this again just to make sure I’m not wrong about the taste, and if I’m not its worth getting again.

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