Venturing out to the Windber Hotel

After Thanksgiving dinner, we decided to meet up with Cindy and Frank for some drinks! They live in the next town over, Windber, and we decided to go out there since they always come to town to see us!

I’ve heard so much about the Windber Hotel and I was excited to finally check it out! It really used to be an old hotel and was built in 1897.


The bar ambiance was awesome. Lots of heavy carved, wood furniture. And a pretty decent beer selection!



I’m very excited about winter/ Christmas beers being in season! So I started off the night with the 2XMAS by Southern Tier Brewing Company of Lakewood, NY at 8% abv.


Nice holiday/ winter spicing. Nutmeg, cloves, caramel. Light citrus, orange peel. Darker fruits, plums and figs. A nice hearty medium mouthfeel. And hints of licorice. Decent, but probably not stand out in this category compared to some of my favorites. But I’ll never turn down a Christmas beer!

Later I spied in the beer cooler another beer I’ve never had that seemed promising. The Cocoa Porter by Tommyknocker Brewery of Idaho Springs, Colorado at 5.7% abv.


Fairly strong cocoa presence. Somewhat bitter and dry. Not bad though, but not like creamy milk chocolate. Hints of vanilla, and I liked that it did not have a coffee taste to it. Not stand out, but very drinkable.

And to finish off the night I decided to go with a lighter beer, the Sofie by Goose Island of Chicago, IL at 6.5% abv.

Don’t worry, no beer was spilled! It looks close though the way I’m holding the glass!


Quite bubbly! Almost champagne-like. Soft tart citrus flavors. Slightly sour and herbal. Floral and peppery. Such a delightful and refreshing beer. An easy drinking Saison beer but it has enough going on to keep you intrigued.

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