Thanksgiving in Johnstown

How am I still only posting about Thanksgiving?!? Although I think I had a few posts go out of order.

Anyway, of course we went to Tulune’s South Side Saloon!

I got started with the Weyerbacher Winter Ale of Weyerbacher Brewing Co of Easton, PA at 5.6% abv.


I love everything Weyerbacher comes out with! I think they have a great brewery and cant wait to get a trip together to visit. The winter ale was surprisingly mild. Much lower alcohol than some of their other offerings. It was not a spiced Christmas beer. Smooth and subtle, very similar to an English brown ale.

Of course I had to get the Delirium Noel of Brouwerij Huyghe at 10% abv,  since it was November and becoming more widely available. I think the other Delirium beers are only so-so, but I love the Noel!


Creamy, with cherries and plums. Nice moderate carbonation, peppery yeast, bread and biscuits.Great complexity, allspice, and coriander, and a little boozy.

To finish my night of drinking I tried the Lancaster Winter Warmer of Lancaster Brewing Company of Lancaster, PA at 8.9% abv.


Rich and malty, a nice medium bodied beer. Creamy and smooth. Toasted nuts, caramel, vanilla. The alcohol stays well hidden.

After leaving the saloon we actually ventured out to another bar! In Johnstown, for me, that rarely happens. I usually have no reason to leave the saloon.

Anyway, we headed over to the Crow’s Nest because our friend John was the DJ for the night.


Much silliness ensued.


In fact, this random guy thought that Jack and I didn’t know each other, probably because I was hanging out with the girls. He made it his personal mission to play match maker for us and try to hook us up. It was silly and cute so we played along!

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