3 in 1

I just keep finding more and more pictures on my computer that somehow have never made it into posts. So, as I desperately try to wrap up the beer and posts from 2012, here’s a few more. I may not remember when of where these nights and beers happened, but I have proof in the pictures that they did.

I do remember this first beer though. We invited Nate and Molly over for dinner and Nate brought a 6 pack of this beer. He really liked this beer and so I gave it a try. A skeptical try though, since I have yet to find an Oktoberfest beer that I really like.

It was the Flying Fish OktoberFish  by the Flying Fish Brewery of Somerdale, NY at 6% abv.


This is without a doubt, the best Oktoberfest beer I’ve ever had. It was not hoppy! Very subtle hops, and low carbonation. It was smooth and wonderful! Bread and toffee, malty and clean.

For a dinner at Novak’s I brought over a Lindeman’s Framboise by Brouwerij Lindeman’s of Vlezenbeek, Belgium at an almost comical 2.5% abv!


I hardly count this as a beer, its more like fancy soda. It’s a guilty pleasure! So enjoyable to sip on through dinner.

And last but not least, Young’s Double Chocolate Stout by Well’s and Young of Bedford, UK (England) at 5.2% abv.


I haven’t had it in a while, but I saw they changed their can colors and I had to make sure it was the same beer. If they did change anything about the beer, it was undetectable to me. Still tasty!

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