There is no hope for me

And still more pictures! I just give up at this point! And so here it is, I have finally given in. This is a new low for me. I thought I could be a beer blogger and I just cant keep the posts current with the amount of beer I drink.

Wrapping up 2012 with just pictures:

Tom had an ugly sweater party, it was awesome! Of course I had some good beers!

I had the Anchor Christmas Ale 2012 by Anchor Brewing Company of San Francisco, CA at 5.5% abv.


Great party, Tom!



And I also had the Winter Warmer by Lancaster Brewing Company of Lancaster, PA at 8.9% abv.



I believe this was back home in Johnstown, PA. I started my night off right with a Corsendonk Christmas Ale by Brouwerij Corsendonk of Oud-Turnhout, Belgium at 8.5% abv. Bonus points for appropriate glassware!


A very special hello to my fellow beer lover Zach Gates! We found an exciting beer and just had to split it! Bourgogne De Flanders by Brouwerij Timmermans of Dilbeek-Itterbeek, Blegium at 5% abv. Much sweeter, cherries and grape, and less sour than I assumed it would be. Still tart though.


This beer. I don’t even know what it is because it was on draft and I now have no picture of a bottle for me to remember it by. RIP sad lost beer.


This is a very different look for me. But I had just had my hair cut and Mel, my amazing hairdresser, decided to make me look special for Xmas.

With dinner I had the CoCoNut Porter by Maui Brewing Co of Lahaina, Hawaii at 6% abv.


For Xmas I ordered tons of different LOTR Legos for Jack and I to put together!


It took all day and was the best part of Christmas!

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