Game Night

The weekend before New Year’s nobody felt like going out, so Novak and Mark had us over for game night!

I’m not gonna lie, game nights are awesome because you get to sit around in sweatpants all night and drink beer!

I started the night off with a beer that I got for a secret Santa 6 pack exchange, De Koninck by Brouwerij De Koninck of Antwerp, Belgium at 5% abv.


A solid Belgian pale ale. Tastes soft and bready, light fruit flavors, medium bodied and malty. Clean and crisp finish.

One of the highlights of the night though was the board game that Rob brought. It was called BANG! and once we got the hang of it, we played it four times I think! The funny part was that it was an Italian western game. The cards were primarily in Italian, but thankfully also had English at the bottom of the card.

There were bandits, an outlaw, deputy sheriffs and a sheriff, but nobody knew who was who. The hardest part was knowing who was on your side, everybody could bluff so anyone could be lying! It was a great time. I think by the time we were done with the four games, we had had too much beer to learn the intricate rules of anything else!


During the games I had a few more beers. I had the Gingerbread Ale by Bison Brewing Co of Berkeley, CA at 6% abv.


I had previously had another beer by Bison Brewing and absolutely loved it! I thought this one might be equally awesome, but it fell a little shy of the mark. It wasn’t bad, but I thought there would be more explosion of gingerbread flavor. Light flavors of brown sugar, cinnamon, molasses. Moderate carbonation. I was hoping for much more ginger!

Then we split a few big bottles. I was quite pleased to open the Delirium Noel by Brouwerij Huyghe of Melle, Belgium at 10% abv.  I also got to have more bundt cake sent from Baton Rouge by Novak’s mom!


The bundt cake and the Noel went well together. It was sudden dessert time! Tastes of plums and cherries, the usual Belgian sweetness but not overpowering. Light christmas/ holiday spicing. Hints of banana? Earthy yeast and so smooth.

Next we tried a Southern Tier beer that I took over to Novak’s months earlier and we never drank. We all split the Southern Tier Back Burner by Southern Tier Brewery of Lakewood, NY at 9.6% abv.


Back Burner was an Imperial Barleywine and I just found it to be too hoppy to truly enjoy. But I guess that’s what you get with an American style barleywine. The insane amount of hops didn’t allow the others flavors to be truly enjoyed.

To wrap up the night, Novak let me grab one of her Goose Island Mild Winter beers out of the fridge, by Goose Island Beer Co. of Chicago, IL at 5.6% abv.


Not too shabby! This is a beer that you could easily have three or four of without blinking an eye. The alcohol content is quite manageable and the taste is good, but not extreme. Rye malts are easy to taste in this beer, low hops and spot on for the style. Very much like an English beer. Medium bodies and low carbonation.

Perfect beers to go along with a low key game night!

2 responses to “Game Night

  1. Steph, I hate to admit this, but I’m not much of a Belgian beer drinker.  But I read your blog, stopped at Sur La Place last night on the drive home, and consumed a wonderful 11%-er called Staffe Hendrik.  Nicely balanced, not overly malty, just enough hops to keep me interested.  Very subdued alcohol taste — was surprised it was 11%.  Friendly bartender, good company at the bar.  Both the beer and the location were great.   Thanks for all the insight.   Eric

    • Fantastic beer choice! There’s also another Belgian restaurant directly across the street called Et Voila! I know they are away from all the excitement from the city, but they are totally worth the excursion! Im glad you tried something great!

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