New Year’s Eve

A very belated Happy New Year’s!! At least I’m finally on to 2013 posts!!

Look at us being all classy with out plastic champagne flutes!


We had a small get together for New Year’s, nothing too fancy. We didn’t really feel like going out big so I invited over a bunch of friends who felt the same way!

The one really interesting beer that I had that night was the Tokyo Black Porter by Yo-Ho Brewing Company of Nagano-ken Kitasaga-gun, Japan at 5% abv.


I had read good reviews of this beer and was excited but skeptical. It seems like Japan has a lot of potential to make good beer, but hasn’t in the past. The Hitachino beers aren’t that bad, in fact I really liked one or two that I tried. But I can honestly say this beer blew me away. It surpassed all my expectations!


Not only was this a good porter for Japan, but it was a good porter in general! Roasted malts, a nice mix between light sweetness and bitter semi-sweet dark chocolate. Vanilla and a creamy. Very well done. I now have a new favorite Japanese brewery! Now I can begin obsessively to pursue their other beers to try!

And of course I had another (we had quite of few of them in the fridge) Cocoa Porter by Tommynocker Brewery of Idaho Springs, CO at 5.7% abv.


One of the highlights of the night was getting to taste the awesome cupcakes that Molly brought! They had mint Oreos inside them and vanilla-peppermint icing! I wish I could make them myself! They were gourmet!


We also got to try some of Andrew’s homebrew! Andrew and Kristen, who recently moved away to Boston, brought some of their homebrew for us to sample! They brought an IPA and a pumpkin ale. Surprisingly smooth and full flavored!



I hope you have a very good new year! I’m looking forward to continuing to try new beers!

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