Weyerbacher Brewery Tour!

On a cold weekend in February, we decided to take a road trip up to Weyerbacher Brewery in Easton, PA. About 7:00am on a Saturday we hit the road and three and a half hours later we were in Easton. We had lunch and walked around town for a bit then headed over to the brewery.


We caught the 12:30 tour and it was free! It was a good thing that we arrived early because we got to get started with samples even before the tour!

The first beer that I tried, which ended up being my favorite one of the day, was the Sour Black at 5% abv. It was delicious! Tart fruit and cherries, moderately effervescent, lively little bubbles, red wine, and mustiness. It was aged in wine barrels.


The taps. They also had other beers that weren’t on tap that you could sample. Like the Sour Black and their seasonal Seventeen.


The tour was great, and lasted about 30-40 minutes.


Lovely stainless steel.


And then back to the tasting room! It was a little fuller now. There were the people from our tour, people from the next tour, and locals that came in to get their growlers filled. I was jealous!


The sampling pours were small so I tried everything in their line up two of three times! They probably had around twelve beers to choose from.


If we lived closer I would definitely go back! The tour was great and their beers are awesome! I also got some nice glassware and a bunch of assorted beers to bring back! Especially the Sour Black!

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