Snowshoe Part II

The next day at Snowshoe, I took it easy. I know it sounds crazy that I didn’t want to go out skiing, but I was really looking forward to sitting around the house, reading, enjoying some beers and chilling out.

In the afternoon, I decided to crack open my first beer! I had the Moa Imperial Stout by Moa Brewing Company of Blenheim, New Zealand at 10.2% abv.


I love stouts, but the reason I got this one was because it’s the first beer I’ve had from New Zealand. I was surprised and almost overwhelmed with the amount of carbonation. I had to wait quite a while for the massive head to settle down to get this picture. I was dying to taste it, the wait was killing me!

After tasting, the most notable thing was the woodiness and smokiness of the beer. It does say on the bottle that it was aged in Pinot Noir barrels. Dark fruits and grapes. Thin and a bit estery. Almost a little bitter, possibly the red wine coming from the barrels.

Throughout the afternoon, people were popping in and out of the house to warm up. By the evening, everyone was ready for a nap.


Next up, I had the Dogfish Head Midas Touch by Dogfish Head Brewing Company of Milton, Delaware at 9% abv.


It’s a bit different of a beer for me, but really one of my favorites. Such a unique flavor, moderately sweet, honey, grapes (which turn out to be Muscat grapes), apricots, and citrus. Really smooth and full, but not sticky.

Later in the evening, when we started playing games, I broke out the Lancaster Milk Stout by Lancaster Brewing Company of Lancaster, PA at 5.3% abv.


Not quite as thick as I was hoping for, but a very good milk stout. Smooth and chocolately, hints of coffee and caramel. Chewy oats, roasted malts. A light sizzle of carbonation.


I tried some truly amazing beers this weekend! Many of them from exotic locations! It was great to try such a selection.

A superb weekend. A big thank you to Novak for organizing!

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