Dinner at Kristen and Mark’s

At some point in February, we joined Kristen and Mark for dinner! Before heading over I dug around in the fridge  looking for a beer I hadn’t had before, the only thing I came up with was this Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat that someone brought over for a party and left behind.

I doubted it would be stellar, but I realized I’m probably becoming a beer snob and that I should be open to trying all beers.


While we waited for dinner to finish cooking I got started. Smells like cherry syrup, almost like cough syrup. If you try hard you can smell a bit of wheat in there as well. A bit grainy, overpowering carbonation like a typical macro. Basically just cherry flavoring. You can tell its not real cherries where you get a tart zing, its too sweet to be real. Not super enjoyable, I think you can find other fruit and lambic beers that at least give you a more real fruit taste even if you don’t want the heavy taste of beer.

But for dessert we had a bundt cake that was sent up by Kristen’s mom! It was so delicious!


I know there has been a huge cupcake craze in the last couple of years, but I truly think these bundt cakes, which also come in smaller sizes, could give the cupcakes a run for their money. They are just to moist and tasty! Its like the top of the cupcake without having to eat the cake bottom!

After the sweet beer and the bundt, I think my sweet tooth has been satisfied for the night!

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