Leah Cooks Us an Awesome Dinner

Finally we were all able to get our schedules to line up and planned a dinner with our fellow climber/ triathlete friend Leah! We immediately set to work upon the beers and also tried to make a fire.

First off we had the St. Feuillien Saison by brasserie St. Feuillien of Le Roeulx, Belgium at 6.5% abv.


It was a nice starter beer, pours a light hazy golden orange. Lightly floral and yeasty, hints of banana, spices. Also a bit earthy and grassy. Very pleasant and refreshing.

Next up was the Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout by Bell’s Brewery in Kalamazoo, Michigan at 6.1% abv.


It was in the freezer to try to quickly chill, but it almost chilled a bit too much! The pour was a little bit slushy, but after it warmed, it was fantastic! A very well done cream stout! It doesn’t have the milky/ lactose creaminess but its still thick and smooth. Not overly sweet or hoppy. Molasses, cocoa, roasted malts, and a slight bitterness. Soft and smooth mouthfeel. Perfect for a winter night by the fire!

And continuing with dark beers, next we split the Bison Organic Chocolate Stout by Bison Brewing Co of Berkeley, CA at 5% abv.


Not too bad I suppose, quite heavy on the roasted robust malt, chocolate hides in the background. Coffee and a slight smokiness. Finishes dry. Good, but not standout.


This was the friendliest cat I’ve ever met! He just wanted to sit in someone’s lap the whole time! I would almost consider getting a cat if I knew it would want to be petted! Almost, because then again I was covered in white cat hair by the end of the night!

Thanks again for the great quinoa dinner, Leah!

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