Quick Trip to Johnstown

Knowing that I had a trip to Nevada coming up, I have very little time to plan a trip home. But I managed to sneak a trip home and hang out with my favorite ladies! While catching up we split Aviator Devil’s Tramping Ground by Aviator Brewing Company of Fuquay-Varina, NC at 9.2 % abv.


I rarely drink IPAs so I find the flavors to be almost overwhelming! Hints of bananas from the hops, also cloves and an earthy-herbal hay grassiness to it. Slight yeast finish and biscuits. Not bad at all! But glad it was only a sample size. IPAs are very intense.

Later I met up with Lisa at the South Side Saloon and we discussed wedding shower details and also planned the bachelorette party.

While there, I had a new beer I’ve never come across before. The Petrus Aged Red by Brouwerij Bavik of Harelbeke-Bavikhove, Belgium at 8.5% abv.


Right off the bat it automatically reminded me of Kasteel Rouge. Very intense cherry, slightly medicinal, and not as tart as I expected it to be. Bright and fruity. Absolutely beautiful color, a dark garnet, but expect more of a fruit beer and less of a Belgian. Still, I’d drink it again!

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