Drinks with Liz

When Liz invited us over for dinner and drinks, of course we said yes! To go with dinner I brought a few beers with me, everyone else was doing mixed drinks with rum.

I started off the evening with Orval Trappist Ale by Brasserie d’Orval of Villers-Devant-Orval, Belgium at 6.2% abv.


A stellar example of a Trappist Belgian Pale Ale. Pours with ample foamy head that lingers and laces the glass beautifully. It has a fairly innocent start but as you drink a little more, more complexity and flavors seems to appear. Soft with green apples and lemons, then it settles in with a little phenolic bite and slight tartness. Finishing with fresh bread and yeast funk that is well known to Belgian beers.

Next I had an bottle of Piraat that I found hiding in the back of the fridge by Brouwerij Van Steelberge of Ertvelde, Belgium at a whopping 10.5% abv.


This is a good beer to drink slowly. A sweet beer with lots of character and spices. You can really taste the alcohol, pepper, lemony citrus. Apricots, bread, and bananas. This beer will really warm you up.

Such good beers! I’m glad I skipped the rum drinks! (Ok, I’ll admit, I did get talked into having one!)

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