Allagash FV 13

Just chilling at home one evening, we opened and tried a beer I’ve been excited to open!

We had the Allagash FV 13, an American Wild Ale, by Allagash Brewing Company of Portland, Maine at 8.9% abv

photo (24)

I picked this up at a little shop across the street from where I work. Its called Rodman’s. They carry all kind of interesting and international foods and recently have been expanding their beer selection. Sometimes during lunch I’ll pop across the street and browse. Its awesome to be able to do that but when I see a limited or one time release it makes it really hard to pass up. I have to admit, this little 12oz bottle was pretty expensive too, about $15. Kinda pricey. But once we tried it, it was so worth it!

Tart and funky. Cherries, apple cider vinegar. Hints of caramel and oak barrels. Tiny, lively little champagne bubbles. Belgian yeastiness with a dry finish.

More NRG

More climbing!!

After a fantastic day on the rock with fantastic people, we got back to the cars, and the coolers, and proceeded to have some tasty beverages!


I started off with a fantastic beer by one of my favorite breweries. I had the Merry Monks by Weyerbacher Brewery of Easton, PA at a buzz inducing 9.3% abv.

It seems a shame to drink it straight out of the bottle, but on climbing trips I suppose we must sometimes “rough it.” Fantastic flavors. Banana and cloves. Moderately bubbly, it would be so pretty in a glass. Sweet malt and yeast, fruits like apples and pears. And on a cool evening, a wonderful warming beer.


We just chilled in the chilly air by the cars for almost an hour, till we got a bit too cold and hungry.


Then of course we went to Pies and Pints again.


I have to admit, I was actually brought the wrong beer. I had ordered the Ayinger Celebrator, and got the Ayinger Ur-Weiss by Brauerie Aying of Aying, Germany at 5.8% abv.

But I was happy anyway. And sometimes its hard to continually try new beers when you know for certain there are beers available that you love. So I thought of it as a good mistake.

It’s a wheat beer, but a dark one. Really great mouthfeel, chewy. Ripe fruit, caramel and toffee. Heavy on the malts and yeast. If you like Belgian beers then this might be the wheat beer, or Dunkelweizen, for you!

Spring Trips to the New River Gorge, WV

I love spring climbing trips! Although when we went it was still a bit chilly. After an awesome day climbing (I sent another 11a!) we got back to the cars and opened a few beers.

Jack and I split the Liefman’s Goudenband which is a Flanders Oude Bruin by Brouwerij Liefman’s of Oudennarde, Belgium at 8% abv.

It was the perfect temperature, since it was a cool day. Wonderfully tart, sour berries, caramelized sugar.


Of course we then headed to our favorite place to eat in Fayetteville, Pies and Pints!


With dinner I had another beer, I wanted something darker with the pizza and I got the Breckenridge Vanilla Porter by Breckenridge Brewery of Denver, CO at 4.7% abv.


A tasty, hearty beer. Especially after tasting a sour beer, the vanilla in this porter really jumped out at me. Along with creamy chocolate, toffee and light coffee flavors. Soft and somewhat like cream soda. Delicious!

Red Rocks Nevada

This spring we have been super busy going on climbing trips! One of the earliest ones of the season was our trip to Red Rocks, Nevada!

Red Rocks is a really awesome place to visit for many reasons. Its only 10 minutes outside Vegas! (Yay cheap casino rooms!) Its got multiple different kinds of climbing available like sport leading and multi pitch climbs. And even if you aren’t a climber the paths, hiking and scrambling over rocks is breath taking.


I focused mostly on sport leading. There are already bolts in the wall and as you go up you clip your rope into them. Usually with sport climbs you push your limit of climbing and are willing to climb something hard and rick taking a fall. The falls are safe, the rope will catch you, but they’re still a little scary.



There were beers had but I have to admit, I was having such a good time climbing and hanging out that I didn’t always have my camera on me for a good picture. But thank you to our friends Terence and Nadia for sharing their homebrews with us! They were very tasty!

On the last day of climbing, I found an amazing climb and pushed myself really hard and sent my first 5.11a! I was so psyched!! The Canadians that were climbing next to us offered my a victory beer and even though it was a Coors Light I couldn’t say no!


I was so happy to send 11 that the Coors tasted awesome! I was also a little dehydrated and since its pretty watery so it was refreshing!

This is gonna be a good year for me for climbing, I can just feel it!!