Allagash FV 13

Just chilling at home one evening, we opened and tried a beer I’ve been excited to open!

We had the Allagash FV 13, an American Wild Ale, by Allagash Brewing Company of Portland, Maine at 8.9% abv

photo (24)

I picked this up at a little shop across the street from where I work. Its called Rodman’s. They carry all kind of interesting and international foods and recently have been expanding their beer selection. Sometimes during lunch I’ll pop across the street and browse. Its awesome to be able to do that but when I see a limited or one time release it makes it really hard to pass up. I have to admit, this little 12oz bottle was pretty expensive too, about $15. Kinda pricey. But once we tried it, it was so worth it!

Tart and funky. Cherries, apple cider vinegar. Hints of caramel and oak barrels. Tiny, lively little champagne bubbles. Belgian yeastiness with a dry finish.

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