Beers at the Red River Gorge, Kentucky

This spring, we took our annual trip to the Red River Gorge, Kentucky! The climbing is amazing. I really trained and pushed myself through the winter specifically for this trip. It was totally worth it! I saw major improvement in my climbing, and was super happy. We must have had so much fun climbing that we were too preoccupied to take pictures.

But of course I got some pictures of the beers! Jack and I split the Mikkeller Yeast Series 2.0 Brettanommyces Bruxellensis by Mikkeller ApS of Kobenhavn, Denmark at  6.4% abv.

photo (44)

It was lighter than I expected and not quite as sour as I hoped. Usually in sour beers the Brettanomyces yeast is what makes it funky and tart. Tart apples, pears, papaya. Not super smooth either, it seemed like the beer had a bit of texture to it. Almost gueuze-ish. Quite drinkable. Id love to try more beer from this series.

Next we all split the Plum Noir by Southern Tier Brewery of Lakewood, NY at 8% abv.

photo (45)

I didn’t get the taste of plums with the first sip, but they became more apparent with time. Dark malts, chocolate, charred wood. Creamy, smooth, with a crisp finish. Really nice beer, I would drink this again.

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