Found Quite a Gem of a Beer Joint on Our Rest Day

By the middle of the week, while at the Red River Gorge, we were in desperate need of a rest day. Our fingertips had no skin left from climbing and we needed a break. Its very easy to want to go climb on a rest day, so to prevent this, we headed into the closest town, Lexington for dinner and a movie.

After watching the new Star Trek movie, we found an adorable, awesome beer joint! It was on a cute, friendly, historic looking street and it was called The Beer Trappe.

It was a bit hard at first to find a place to sit or stand. But after a few minutes of awkwardly standing around, we managed to get two seats at the bar!

photo (43)

This place also had a ton of beer for sale. They didn’t have a kitchen, but there was a food truck out back with an amazing little menu! We ordered a few small snacks and plates and checked out their menu.

I was in heaven! The Beer Trappe had a big selection of Gueuze and sour beers! Almost a better selection than any bar I’ve been to in DC!

It was a hot sunny day and I just couldn’t help myself, I had to order then Boon Oude Gueuze Mariage Parfait by Brouwerij Boon of Lembeek, Belgium at 8% abv.

photo (31)

This is a great example of a traditional Gueuze. Acidic and sour, some sweetness is contributed by the malts. Slight hints of woodiness from being aged in barrels. Very bubbly and with a crisp dry finish.

Jack got the Cuvee Freddy by Picobrouwerij Alvinne of Zwevegem, Belgium at 8% abv, and was nice enough to share it with me! It was one crazy beer!

photo (32)

This beer had a lot of flavor and was almost overwhelming. It’s a Flemish Oude Bruin but wow, it really stands out as different. Balsamic vinaigrette, prunes, tart cherries, red wine. Almost completely still with no carbonation. Really cool and worth trying!

Next, I was practically harassed at the bar by the drunk woman sitting next to me that my next beer, HAD to be the Abbey de Saint Bon Chien which they had on draught.

photo (33)

With such a strong recommendation, how could I say no?

photo (34)

Yes, it’s a Belgian style beer, but its actually made by a brewery in Switzerland, the Brasserie de Franches-Montagnes. Lightly acidic, but smooth with lots of subtle fruit. Tart cherries, barrel ages oak, vanilla. a little boozy and you can tell there’s a good amount of alcohol in it. Complex and warming.

I will definitely try to make it back to The Beer Trappe the next time I’m in Lexington! What a find!

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