Clarendon Date Night

One reason I love living in Clarendon is because there are tons of great restaurants in walking distance. We’ve been meaning on checking out a cute place called Green Pig Bistro. The food was killer but the beer menu was small. With lack of options I branched out and tried a new beer!

I got the Anderson Valley Summer Solstice Cream Ale by Anderson Valley Brewing Company of Boonville, CA at 5% abv.


Sweet and malty and surprisingly full bodied. I’m not sure what makes them name this beer Summer Solstice, its not really what I would imagine as a summer beer. Caramel, moderate carbonation, and yes, very creamy.Not sure if I would order this beer again. But I may try another in the same Cream Ale category just to explore.

Later after an amazing dinner we walked a block or two to Lyon Hall, which has a great beer menu, and got another drink to finish off the night! Not saying the cream ale was unpleasant, but my night would not be complete until I ordered a good Belgian beer.

Again I tried a new beer and got the Saxo by Brasserie Caracole of Falmignoul, Belgium at 8% abv.


As you can see in the picture, big foamy head. This is a much softer beer, light and fruity. Well balanced with the malts and hops, tastes of lemon zest, fresh bread, and apricots. A good amount of carbonation and medium body.

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