Summer Trip to Colorado to Visit Liz!

Sadly, Liz left DC and moved to CO. But that’s awesome because that means we get to visit! I was super pumped about going to CO, I knew we would get to hang out, climb a lot, and drink great beers!

As soon as we got there the first day we headed out for some climbing, we spent the rest of the afternoon in Clear Creek Canyon right outside of Golden.


After climbing, we ventured into Golden for dinner and beers!

photo (50)

Liz suggested and we found the Golden City Brewery! They have unusual hours and we made it with about an hour or so before they closed. Yes, it was only 5:30 in the evening. I have no idea why they (and seemingly everything else) closes so early!

photo (51)

They had a nice selection of their beers and of course I went straight for the stout.

I had their Lookout Stout at 5% abv with IBU 22. I really like when places give the IBUs. IBU stands for International Bitterness Units. Usually hoppy beers will have a much higher IBU than a stout. IPAs usually have an IBU of about 75. I really prefer beers with low IBUs, and CO is known for brewing lots of super hoppy beers. I was very pleased to find the Lookout Stout.

photo (52)

A well done oatmeal stout, nice chocolate malts. Smooth with hints of toffee and raisins. Medium bodied and the oats really help with the body. Very enjoyable! I’m glad we got a chance to try some of their beers!

On the down side though, the food truck left just as we were sitting down. It looked so good!! Bummer. We had to make do with pizzas from down the street.

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