Liz Going Away Happy Hour at Biergartenhaus

I suppose I got a little ahead of myself, I was excited about the CO trip and completely overlooked other nights when good beer was tasted!

So right before the trip to CO we had Liz’s official going away at Biergartenhaus in DC.

I am not the biggest fan of German beer, but they must have added a new offering to their menu because I promptly made up my mind and ordered the Weihenstephaner Korbinian of Freising, Germany at 7.4% abv.


I knew right away it was the beer for me because it was considered their “strong” doppelbock. I don’t usually consider 7.4 unusually strong (average for Belgian beer) but it was dark, so I thought it looked promising.

Promising it was, I think I had three that night so it must have been pretty good! Caramel and soft fresh bread like in a bakery, dark and sweet with molasses and brown sugar. Medium bodied, one of the better doppelbocks I’ve had!


It was a fantastic night! Liz, we will all miss you very much! Come back and visit!!

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