Amber and Odell Brewery

Ok, finally I can continue with the Colorado trip! Jack, Liz and I drove up to Fort Collins to and picked up Amber for a day of climbing!

Just getting to the climbing area was really exciting. We had to wade across a river. Its CO, so the water was freezing and ended up coming all the way up to our butts! To top it off there was a moderate current and lots of little rapids! It took a lot of careful little footsteps to make it across without getting any of the gear wet or falling in!


But once we got there the climbing was awesome!


We climbed at an area called Miners Wall because there was a creepy little mine entrance. Unfortunately after getting in only a couple of climbs each, it started to rain. We tried to wait it out but it didn’t seem like it was going to let up. We decided to call it a day and check out some of the awesome places to have beers in Fort Collins.

We first went to New Belgium, but they were closed. So we headed over to Odell Brewing Company and signed up for a tour!


We had time before the tour for a beer so I got the Cutthroat Porter at 5.1% abv.


I was concerned the porter would be too hoppy, but it was really spot on and well balanced! Nice dark roasted malts, creamy, robust with hints of coffee and molasses. Almost borderline with a stout. Really enjoyed it!


The tour had about 25 people and seemed kinds crowded. We only saw one or two rooms and the guide was so-so. It wasn’t a bad tour, but I’ve had better. I think I was spoiled by Belgium.

Anyway, when we finished the tour we were given free little samples of their Easy Street unfiltered wheat beer.


Amber loves beer too so we were in heaven!! Since they didn’t really do any sampler trays we decided to get two more beers and all split them.


We got the Myrcenary at 9.3% abv and the 5 Barrell Pale Ale at 5.2% abv.


These two were not quite my preferred style and were much hoppier, but splitting them was a good idea. I think I preferred the 5 Barrel Pale Ale a bit more because its more of an English style Pale ale and was not overly hoppy for my palate.

We left in high spirits even though we got rained out of our climbs earlier. But they day didn’t end there, we then headed to another bar but ill save that for next time!

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