After we finished with the tour and our beers at Odell Brewery we decided to go to a bar that had a great variety. Amber told us that one of the best bars in town is called The Mayor, so that’s where we went!

It was the middle of the afternoon on a Tuesday so the place was pretty quiet, which was a good thing! We got our beer and food fast!

They had an impressive number of beers on tap!


I decided to go with a bunch of samples so that I could enjoy multiple beers. From left to right I had: Funkwerks Provincal, Funkwerks Rum Deceit, Grand Teton Oud Bruin, New Belgium La Folie.


They were all fantastic! The Mayor had such a good selection of beers that I doubt Ill be able to find on the east coast. I could have stayed there and sampled beers all afternoon!

I really wanted to try some of the local Funkwerks beers because they sounded amazing! The brewery is in Fort Collins, but I didn’t think I could convince the group to go to another brewery. But I was wrong! After getting some food in our bellies, we made is across town to Funkwerks!


Funkwerks Brewery only makes Saisons, but its not like they only have two or three beers that they brew. They had a whole line up of 10-14 beers! Each saison was different and unique. They really explored the sometimes forgotten style thoroughly.


For a small brewery that had a great setup and lots of seating, most of it outdoors.


Again I went with a flight, it was really hard not to go overboard!


I had a blast in Fort Collins! Such a good city for beer lovers!

One response to “Funkwerks

  1. Glad you’re discovering those beers out West . . . many of which are not overhopped, pineneedley, etc. 


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