A Visit to Avery Brewery

The climbing areas in Colorado are so accessible that we were easily able to get a half day climbing and then head into Boulder to go to Avery Brewery in the afternoon!



After a quick change of clothes I was ready to try some new beers! I was blown away with how many beer they had on tap at the brewery!


It was so hard to pick just one at first, but I wanted something that I could carry and drink on the tour, so I went with their 3point7 Milk Stout. I figured there would be a lot of drinking and I should start out with something light on the alcohol, hence the 3.7% abv. The flavors were great though and just by tasting it I would never have guessed that it was a low alcohol beer.

Jack got a flight to start and I helped him with the beer a bit, I was just too excited to wait till I got a flight later!


They had a great taproom to hang out in, we chilled at the bar for a bit while waiting for the tour. Also, Emma was going to join us! She had just moved out to CO a few weeks before from DC and so we were happy to get to catch up!


Hey ladies!


The tour itself was fantastic! I thought it was really cool that we had a woman tour guide! I love to see ladies get involved in beer! She was quirky and well spoken so the tour flowed very well.

We got to see maybe four or five different areas of the brewery, but I was most excited to see all the barrel aged beers! During this part of the tour we also got little tasters of the Avery White Rascal.


Once back in the taproom, we immediately ordered food and I finally got my samplers!

I got the: Lilikoi Kepolo, Hog Heaven Barleywine, The Reverend, and The Beast Grand Cru.


What a line up! The Likikoi was only 5.6% abv, but my other choices were really alcoholic at 9.2% abv, 10% abv, and a whopping 16.83% abv! They were only tiny samples, but they packed a punch! It took me the rest of the evening to finish them. They were slow sippers.


We have so many friends that have moved to CO! We were also joined by Austin and Sarah for dinner!

All in all, out of the three brewery tours in CO, Avery was by far my favorite!

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