Climbing and Hogshead Brewery

More climbing! Actually I’m gonna throw a few random pictures in here before I get to the cute little brewery we found.



After a day of climbing, we went out in Boulder that night and got Mexican food. Emma and Ben also joined us! It was great to get a chance to see all of our friends that recently moved to CO!


The next day we climbed some more! It was crazy hot and there was no shade. I recall huddling under a small bush for a while, trying to stay out of the sun!


But that night we were back in Denver and went out in search of dinner and drinks. Hogshead brewery sounded really awesome so we stopped by, the only downside was that they don’t have a kitchen. This seems to be a common theme for small breweries in CO. But I kept finding it surprising.


Hogshead has nothing but cask beer! Cask beer is unfiltered and is secondary fermented in the cask. There is no additional CO2 or nitrogen used to carbonate the beers. When being served a cask beer, the bartender will have to “pull” or hand pump the beer into your glass.

(I love the t-shirt on the wall in the picture, F*CK CO2, I should have gotten one! Damn!)

Hogshead was really cool because they focus mostly on traditional English style beers, so I knew I would find something I would really enjoy. I got the Gilpin Black Gold, a porter.


Maybe I was just ravenously hungry, but I thought this beer was delicious! If I only could have ordered food I would have spent all evening in this taproom!

A subtle and well done porter. Nice hints of coffee but I wouldn’t call it robust. English malts and semi sweet chocolate. Very smooth. Not completely flat, but exactly what I would expect of cask beer. Velvety and creamy mouthfeel .

Jack and Liz also tried different beers, while I cant remember what they ordered, I know I took a little sip and they were all fantastic. This little brewery was a gem of a find!

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