Estes Park and a Rodeo

I’ll start off by apologizing. This post has no beer. But we did finish our Colorado trip with a visit to Estes Park and the views were just so amazing, I had to share. There was a very touristy part of Estes, but we avoided that like the plague. So I’m not sure, we may have passed up a dive bar or a good place to try new beers. I hope not!

Upon getting out of the car, I was a little concerned that I dressed appropriately for the weather that day. You go up quite a bit in altitude and the temps definitely drop. But I had a wool jacket, so I was fine.

After the hike, which severely winded us especially since we are coming from sea level in DC, we got some amazing views!

That’s longs peak, a 14,000+ peak in the background!




The climbing was just stellar! Check out this fin! All the pictures we took were just amazing.

photo (54)

We topped out when we were climbing the fin to get some pics! We were planning on rappelling off, but people were climbing up below us at that point. There was a walk off the sloping back side, but that turned into a mini adventure!



Climbing in Estes Park was the perfect end to a great trip!


After hiking out, and avoiding the crazy tourist section of town we found a great Thai restaurant. Then we hit up the local rodeo!!

We wanted to get to go to a rodeo so bad while we were there! I have never seen anything quite as terrifying and violent as the saddle broncs! I was like unleashing a force of nature, all hell just suddenly breaks loose! One man did get injured and had to get taken away in an ambulance. Climbing looks downright safe and boring after seeing that!


Thanks again Liz for climbing with us and showing us all around Colorado! I cant wait till next time!

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