Our trip to Maine and Allagash Brewery

For Labor Day weekend, we decided to make the trip up to Maine for Andrew and Kristen’s wedding!

Of course as soon as I thought of Maine I knew I had to make a trip to Allagash Brewing Co happen!


They gave you tickets for samples as soon as you signed up for the tour! We had some time before the tour, so I got started.


They only had four beers available. And no Curieux. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t but one of their harder to find sour beers. Everything they had for sale I could easily get at my local Total Wine. But I was still quite happy to be sitting in their tasting room with some yummy beers.


Super hot get-up for the tour!


We got to see quite a bit of their brewery. They even took us out to a separate building where they have all the sour beer production. Apparently once you start making sour beer, the wild yeast is very hard to get rid of and can ruin a whole bottling line.


After seeing some really big sour beer production in Belgium, these firkins looked so lonely and tiny! But they are really hard to get your hands on them in the US so Allagash was super pumped about them and the potential small batch beers.

Hands down, the best room on the tour was the room they barrel age the Curieux in. The smell entering the room was divine! The curieux is a bourbon barrel aged triple aged in Jim Beam barrels. I could have stood in that room and inhaled the scent all day.


Not a bad tour, I of course grabbed a t-shirt and some bottles of beer for the rest of the weekend!

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