Novare Res in Portland, Maine

After the Allagash Brewery tour, we were pretty hungry and wanted to explore Portland. We found a fantastic restaurant with a very extensive beer list, Novare Res.

photo (57)

It was super cute and tucked away and they had great outdoor seating. Although, as much as I like outdoor seating, I get a better feel of the place by sitting inside.

photo (56)

Good offerings on tap and a great beer list! They also truly seemed to have everything they offered in stock too!


After browsing the menu, I decided to pick a Jolly Pumpkin beer. I am becoming more interested in the brewery and they beer they brew and had to try another one. I haven’t had a bad beer yet from Jolly Pumpkin and they barrel age all their beers, sounds good to me!

I got the La Roja, an American Wild Ale,  by Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales of Dexter, MI at 7.2% abv.


Wow, just what I was hoping for! Even though its an American Wild ale, its style is very similar to a Flanders Red. Tart, sour cherries, that familiar acidic vinegary taste. Earthy and woody which I assume comes from the barrels its aged in. Oak and vanilla, wonderful effervescent bubbles!


I lucked out! Jack found a beer he wanted to try, and so I got this whole bottle to myself! I enjoyed every sip!

Oh yeah, and the food was incredible too! One nice thing about Maine, lobster in everything!!

One response to “Novare Res in Portland, Maine

  1. Seems like a cool place. Thanks for writing about it. Try to get to Portland, OR, too, if you can.


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