Turning 30!

It was a wonderful night of crazy. People were arriving at different times and odd hours. And I got a TON of beer!

Started off the night with The Lips of Faith Paardebloem by New Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, CO at 9% abv.


Then Rob and Anna showed up and brought all this lovely beer for my birthday! They stopped at Pies and Pints and picked up a bunch of local brews by the Bridgeworks Brewing Company!


Thanks guys! I also had an Orval by Brasserie d’Orval of Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium at 6.2% abv.


Lisa and Dave came all the way from Johnstown and brought my a crazy glowing sword and wizard staff! Teena and Dave also showed up and brought a ton of beers too!


I had one of their beers right away, Courage Imperial Russian Stout by Wells and Young’s of Bedford, UK, England at 10% abv.


The night was getting late, but then crazy showed up. Thanks for the surprise Trevor!


Somehow I managed a decent night sleep for all the climbing and boating planned for the next day!

Thanks everybody!

Birthday Weekend

On the way to West Virginia for my birthday weekend, Jack and I stopped off at my sister’s house!

And you can see, I got a new haircut!

We played with the dog, caught up, and had some beers!

I started off with the Left Hand Nitro Milk Stout by Left Hand Brewery of Longmont, CO at  6% abv.


Here you can see the haircut much better and check out Kaitlyn’s snake Pepe!



Later when we were playing cards I had the Weihenstephaner Vitus of Freising, Germany at 7.7% abv.


We stayed the night and the next morning headed down to the New River Gorge for some birthday shenanigans.

Kaitlyn and Andy’s Wedding

We went to a lot of weddings this year! But I love a good excuse to get all dressed up and have some drinks!

They look like walking advertisements! Or like they should be in a romantic movie.

kp and andy


Andy’s brother or sister owns a winery out in California and so they made a wine just for their wedding! It was fantastic!


Kaitlyn and Chris are my only two friends from high school that I’ve kept in touch with, so it was really special to be at her wedding!


Beers were had, and I think towards the end of the night there was a big round of shot gunning beers! Oh my!

After Wedding Party and Wrapping it Up

After the wedding, and after the photos, we went out to dinner in Bar Harbor and out for drinks! Jack, Ryan, and I walked around town in the misty night and got lobster rolls before we met up with the rest of the party!


Drinks and shots!


The next afternoon we went climbing in Acadia National Park, which was gorgeous! All of the climbs were right next to the water. It was easy to see that the base of some of the climbs were normally underwater! Luckily it was low tide.

After we headed back to the house and Jack and I split the bottle of Allagash Curieux that we picked up when we were at the brewery!


This beer can truly be enjoyed at any time. Its light and refreshing, yet complex and boozy. Moments after this picture was taken, I paired it with a fantastic ice cream sunday. What a treat!

ps- Maine was cold!