Turning 30!

It was a wonderful night of crazy. People were arriving at different times and odd hours. And I got a TON of beer!

Started off the night with The Lips of Faith Paardebloem by New Belgium Brewing Company of Fort Collins, CO at 9% abv.


Then Rob and Anna showed up and brought all this lovely beer for my birthday! They stopped at Pies and Pints and picked up a bunch of local brews by the Bridgeworks Brewing Company!


Thanks guys! I also had an Orval by Brasserie d’Orval of Villers-devant-Orval, Belgium at 6.2% abv.


Lisa and Dave came all the way from Johnstown and brought my a crazy glowing sword and wizard staff! Teena and Dave also showed up and brought a ton of beers too!


I had one of their beers right away, Courage Imperial Russian Stout by Wells and Young’s of Bedford, UK, England at 10% abv.


The night was getting late, but then crazy showed up. Thanks for the surprise Trevor!


Somehow I managed a decent night sleep for all the climbing and boating planned for the next day!

Thanks everybody!

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