Climbing, Boating, and Beers!

My birthday was fantastic! Everyone managed to get out of the cabin at a good time and we headed to Summersville Lake! Half the group hiked in and half of the group went with my dad and picked up the boat!

I started off the day with some great climbs and then headed down to the water for a few beers!

I believe I had the Ayinger Celebrator to kick off the day!


It was super cool to have some Johnstown and DC friends come out even though they don’t climb!

I also had the Saison Dupont by Brasserie Dupont of Tourpes, Belgium at 6.5% abv.


And I had the Rochefort 6, going out on the boat was so awesome!


For years we have been coming to the lake to climb, but have never gotten a boat! A big thank you to Jack for organizing and making it happen!


And a big thank you to my parents also who did a ton of cooking and prep for the weekend! I had a blast!



Wow, we kinda look like an advertisement for sunglasses!

Ok, maybe by this time I was getting a little tipsy! But I also had the DC Brau Penn Quarter Porter. Ill have to see if I can tour this brewery! The porter was good and worth getting again!


Thirty looks like its going to be a great year!


Thanks everyone! I think I ended up taking more beer home with my than I originally brought! Everyone kept giving me awesome beer gifts!

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