Before Vacation

Before I post all my pictures from vacation (Seattle and Portland!) I need to pick up where I left off.

Right before we left, we the our friend, Erica a going away party! We love theme parties so we let her choose and we ended throwing her a white trash themed party. It was so easy and fun!


Cheap beer and cheetos and corn dogs! But I cheated and had a few good beers.
I started of with the Alhambra Negra from Spain.


It’s a very dark looking beer, but doesn’t taste as heavy add it looks. Pretty easy drinking, I can’t recall many other beers from Spain that I’ve had.

And I tried the Gaspar’s Porter by the Florida Beer Company.


I had to get some beer in cans for the party so, other than the PBR and Yuengling, I also got the Moo Thunder Stout by Butternuts Beer & Ale from NY.


And continuing with the international trend I also had ‘na bierra nera from Italy.


And also the Aooni India Pale Ale by Yo-Ho Brewing Co of Japan.


I was somewhat surprised that such a decent tasting IPA came from Japan! Pretty awesome.

After that, all I had to do was clean cheesy poofs from all over the entire house!

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