Climbing Beers

Then it was off to the Cascades! Jack, Sean, and I packed up the car and drove about three hours into the mountains.


The area that we climbed in was a town over from the areas with forest fires. We had a lot of smoke blowing up the valley. You could easily see it in the air and so I took less pictures than I would have normally because the neighboring peaks looked fuzzy and less crisp.


But the climbs were awesome and stunning.


Everyday was a new adventure. The first day we climbed the peak right behind me in this picture.
To get to the climbs it was a two and a half hour approach. So by day three we were a bit worn out, we had a slower day and climbed at a closer crag later in the afternoon.
I had a Deschutes Black Butte Porter.


We later headed into the closest small town and happened to find a brewery!


The Old Schoolhouse Brewery.


Pardon the non made up face, I had just had my first shower in three days.
While enjoying the feeling of being clean I sipped on the Rendezvous Porter.
Once our adventures in the mountains were over, we made our way back to Seattle for a few days.

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