2nd day in Tallinn

This morning started out with more rain. I still went out to look around.

Part of the old walls.


Then I found St Olaf’s Church and climbed to the top.

A lot of the bell towers I’ve been on have been inside the tower, this one was outside and with the wind and the rain it felt a little rickety. The boards underfoot shifted a little and squeezing around the turns was kinda tight.



After drying out and making good use of the hostel wifi, I was back out and able to meet up with my Finnish friend Samuli on his way home.

He loves craft beer and dark underground bars as much as I do!



After a few beers, I walked him to the harbour so he could get a ferry home. I wanted to check out the water anyway.

There’s this huge concrete structure by the water that was built for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. It’s rundown now, has no use, and is kind of ominous.

Here’s a picture of it that I took from the tower earlier.




It wasn’t very exciting. Seems like a lot of people go up there and picnic and drink.

I managed to find a way down to the water too.


Since I had some beers in the afternoon, I had another pretty quiet evening making friends in the hostel.


This is my street! The hostel is the second building on the left.

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