Catching up

Flying out of Copenhagen was horrible. I had an early flight and I got the 5:07 train to the airport. It was only supposed to take 12 minutes. It took 35. The check in line was one of the longest I’ve ever seen. The guy behind me was telling me about the strike in Brussels, which was where I was flying into. He said with a 5 hour layover he still didn’t have his bags. Fuck. So I last minute decided not to check a bag, it would be tight. Security was a disaster. No ac in this airport and I got to my flight with no time to spare and sweating buckets.
Finally made it to Brussels. I wasn’t able to get my second boarding pass earlier so I get in line to get help. They cancelled my second flight. How am I going to meet Jack in Milan?! Then I had to fly to Frankfurt. So it’s going to take me 3 flights to get there. Sigh.
But who do I meet at my gate in Frankfurt? Jack! All is well with the world.

Our air bnb is cute and we went out fit dinner and beers!


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