Visiting the Vatican

I will never do this again. Yes, it was worth it.

When I got there in the morning, the line was already a three hour wait, in the sun, in 90° weather. F-that. I admit, I paid to skip the line. I saw the Vatican museum, the Sistine chapel, went to the top of the cuppola, St Peter’s Basillica, and the Vatican grottos. Woah.

Then I walked down that main street and went to Castel Sant’Angelo. There’s a passage that connects it to the Vatican for the pope to escape if it’s under siege.

Haha, yay for the selfie stick!

Big day. I’m kinda dead on my feet. I then walked to a fantastic craft beer bar, where I’m currently sitting. 

It’s only 6:30 so I’m sure some pictures of today will end up on tomorrow’s blog, but I gotta take wifi where I can find it. In that respect, Italy is like a third world country. 

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